Human rights & health

Professions in children’s medicine

The treatment of childhood diseases or care of children is carried out by medical specialists. The metabolism of a child or infant is different from that of an adult and requires specific training. There are different professions related to child…

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A healthy student learns better

Children need to be physically and emotionally healthy to be able learn. Yet school-age children in developing countries can be affected by many infectious and non-communicable diseases. Frequent illnesses are a cause of school absenteeism, and they reduce a child’s…

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Protecting women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights

At a time when women’s rights and gender equality are under new threats, we must redouble our efforts to protect women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Among the universal or European legal instruments that protect these rights, the Convention…

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Lessons from the pandemic for the better realization of the right to health

The COVID-19 pandemic focuses attention on the resilience of our health systems and challenges the health policies of our Member States and their effectiveness. In addition, doctors, health professionals and all care providers are under unprecedented pressure. Do we have…

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