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How can you boost your immune system and stay healthy?

In winter, your metabolism is more vulnerable and more susceptible to infections, resulting in a drop in immunity. Certain lifestyle habits, foods and dietary supplements help strengthen the immune system. To boost your immune system in a natural way and…

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How to reconstitute its intestinal flora?

The intestinal flora, also known as the microbiota, is made up of at least 100,000 billion bacteria. These bacteria help assimilate nutrients and protect the body by developing and even regulating the immune system, since 70% of our immune cells…

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Food Health and Well-being: What foods and advice to adopt?

Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are recognized as key factors in building and maintaining health and well-being. Improving nutrition is also a public health issue. What if the key to well-being was to adopt a varied and balanced diet over…

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How to fight against fatigue?

Nowadays, the hectic pace of daily life, the use of digital screens and pollution contribute to weakening the body. The body therefore becomes less resistant to the various forms of fatigue and it is not easy to regain tonus. So…

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